The Colors We Carry

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Blog

Design Resources The Colors We Carry

When I think about my ancestors crossing the Atlantic to come to America, I can’t help but wonder what they brought with them. The less we are able to carry, the more precious those items must have become. Like the one souvenir we choose from thousands, I imagine each possession came to represent many places, experiences, and people. Most of those things are long gone, but when I look at my family today, I see evidence of the people who migrate— bringing flavors, language, values, and traditions.

Design Resources The Colors We Carry
We talk about America being a melting pot, but I suppose it’s only recently that I realized that this is not only true of people, but of the homes we build, as well. The colors and textures we choose are a reflection of who we are and who we’ve been, which is largely impacted by places deeply rooted in us. When we step outside, what we see impacts our sense of design. We recognize beauty and perfection in our world. For those of us who live in New England, it can be easy to forget that not everyone sees such vibrant autumn colors. Or that not everyone knows how a mountain of granite reflects a purple sky. Theses are things I’ll carry with me wherever I go.
The more people migrate the more we are exposed to different styles, textures, colors. Upon entering the homes of each of my grandmothers, you can see the differences in their roots. Walking into one home, you’ll see pastels and florals–evidence of a childhood climbing palm trees in Florida. When I’m in her home it’s not hard to imagine myself on a warm beach. On the other hand, my maternal grandmother has roots in New England. The dark stained woods, pine greens and hints of red have one foot in New Hampshire. Each home we enter introduces us to a new landscape. How bland our lives be without the movement of people and the integration of colors, foods, and design!


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