Heart and Home

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Blog

It has been two busy weeks of re-entry that have flown by just as our six days of joyous labor in Talnique seem to be one passing heartbeat. As life has its way of resuming order and pace, I am wondering how the familia San Luis is settling into their new home. I am imagining our gifts beings used in their new home, colorful tokens of our love and affection to make their lives easier and brighter. They have no doubt added beautiful plants procured from the verdant hills- trailing hibiscus, vibrant fushia izote, fragrant jasmine and magnolia. The happy aqua facade will electrify in warm splendor. Inside pieces of tile may have appeared, colorful textiles will abound, items of daily use stacked about as meaningful artifacts.

So often, being a part of this very personal process of decoration, my spirit remains with the family— my heart full of hopes and dreams for this family and home. It was abundantly clear the significance of this home and the work they were willing to put in with us. Their humble gratitude we saw as a smile reflected in a tear. As they prepare their home, may their future be a sunny Seville orange, a feathery lighthearted and conspicuous clivia blossom so dear to their land. May God grant them peace and health and friendship and may we know that next year when we unite this hillside home will be more colorful, more meaningful and more unimaginable in its beauty.