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A touch of red

Red is the color of love, passion, rage, and warmth. It’s the color of a sunset and of a beating heart. Red is the color of our lives.

In New England, if there is a hearth with a fire, you can imagine that is where friends and family will gather. We are drawn to it. One red accent chair can ignite a neutral space room with the same warmth. In a dining room, red excites and stimulates our appetite. It embraces us like a warm blanket, simultaneously drawing us out of our shell and encouraging us to engage one another socially. One red accent wall invites us into a room. A touch of violet red unfolds into a garden. Vibrant red can highlight cool greys and browns.
Design Resources violets are blue
Design Resources violets are blue

My first childhood home was made of brick…a rusty warm red. I remember the little red bugs that I’ve only ever seen bustling down the brick walkway. To me, that color will always be home. Seeing someone wearing that brick red to this day comforts me and I’m compelled to compliment them on their selection. My sister seems to have the same calling. In our parents’ house, most walls are a shade of white, except my sister’s room. Allegedly, she found the old cans of paint in the garage. She mixed them to create a lovely shade of brick red created from the paints in the basement. And to me, it evokes such a feeling of warmth.

It’s true that often red is associated with roses. But so many artists and writers have embraced the color. I can’t help but remember Monet’s Poppy Field and John McCrae’s In Flanders Field. Red truly is a metaphor for love. Just like an act of love, one red rose can’t be ignored. Just like love, there are different shades of red and each affects us differently. Just like love, many of us tend to be a bit fearful of red–afraid it will overpower us and our homes. But to exclude passion from our lives would be to deprive ourselves of something wonderful.

Happy Valentine’s Day

…add a little red to your day

Design Resources violets are blue


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