Love Nest: Designing the Perfect Bedroom Together

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Blog

Let’s face it- a couple’s bedroom is probably the most important, yet most overlooked, decorating quest in the home.

Dare we suggest that we fear the very state of the union may be challenged by such an endeavor? How did we come to find ourselves in hand-me-down beds, nestled under close-out linens with functionality at the forefront of our brains? Our love relationships are worthy of so much more. Birds of a feather deserve unique nests worthy of their beautiful combined plumage. Don’t go out on a limb, fly off the handle, and get all aflutter…. We got this guys!

Imagine, dream, laugh and draw straws if you must. A beautiful life together deserves a beautiful space together. Reverie refuge is your deserved state of mind and perhaps a few twigs of wisdom for your love nest…

Dreaming together

Two to tango, two to plan, two to love and enjoy. Sit down with some images of bedrooms you each love and lists of what you each think are bedroom priorities. At this stage try to put budget and project management aside. Create your own notebook or binder which includes images that you both agree upon are the exquisite essentials.

There can also be “absolutely no-way will we ever” images which believe it or not can be centering and offer some levity. Your collaborative list will outline the content of this treasured little book. The notebook development should be ongoing and as artistic as you can- doodles, notes to one another, poems, prose and sketches, photos from nature. The idea here is to have fun, collect some imagery, develop some concepts and without too much heavy lifting arrive at your bedroom’s own unique, stunning style.

The surface on which you rest is really the most important thing starting out. The bed must be the size you both love and feel luxurious for both parties… the best that money can buy at this moment in time. Framing the bed with a pair of tables or chests lends symmetry and adds refinement, providing a surface for lighting or other small comforts. Even if closet space is limited don’t overcrowd the space with heavy large chests. If there is room for a small chair, a chaise or two consider that these elements will invite you to relax and enjoy the space.

Both general and task lighting are needed even in small bedrooms. Lighting fixtures are practical decisions that can become fun scouting expeditions with your notebook in hand. Most anything can be made into a lamp and has been. Going way out on a limb we are going to suggest a serious conversation about television in your bedroom.

The framework

The size and shape of your current bedroom will dictate some choices but don’t let this be limiting, particularly if you are renting. Decide the size of your bed and where the bed will go choosing the longest wall that will allow at least 30” between the foot of the bed and the opposite wall.
If you have the space, the time and the budget to focus on a beautiful headboard this is the perfect place to begin your shared vision. Two newlywed friends of mine are actually designing and building their bed frame together. Other clients who have been married almost 40 years, just recently selected the bed of their dreams. If the timing isn’t right don’t let the bedstead decision keep you from getting started. If you are renting or challenged with a small space consider that the box springs can rest on the floor or a platform, the headboard can be panels, doors, drapery, screens, artwork or soft oversized pillows.

Color pattern and texture

Perhaps you both agree on a palette or perhaps you each have contributed one of your favorite colors. Without a doubt color embodies the essence of bringing your vision to life. Everything has color and it should be balanced in interior spaces, particularly in bedrooms. An exquisite theme color such as robin’s egg blue or warm stone gray, may be a perfect start. Varying textures and tones will enliven these shades. If you have little natural light or northern exposure you may want to use these cool colors as accent colors and wash the walls in a warm creamy neutral.

Printed fabrics can be very charming, setting the tone for other colors. If you are using printed fabrics make sure they are gender neutral in patterns and shades that you both love. Busy patterns and dramatic contrasts should be used very sparingly in bedrooms. The warmth of carpet underfoot is a small extravagance that is easily affordable in today’s rug market with an array of fibers and price points- nylons, olefins, grasses, wools, cottons and papers. Generally a soft loop or pile that is not too high is best for the bedroom. As a private space, stain and wear resistance are perhaps a bit less important here. If you have selected a patterned carpet it should be one that fits your scheme perfectly, in an array of colors and patterns that are mutually pleasing. Using a patterned carpet subtly often means limiting the patterns around it and drawing secondary quiet colors out as accents. Worn Orientals are perfect in bedrooms as the worn areas can be hidden underneath the bed. Carpets in bedrooms look best if they are large and expansive, uniting the scale of the bed with the rest of the space.

Window treatments are often necessary for privacy and light-blocking in bedrooms and are a beautiful way of adding color and can offer privacy and let in light from above and work particularly well on second and third floor spaces. Unless your fabric is sheer they should be lined and interlined or lined with blackout lining. Double fullness is plenty in a bedroom where tailored designs work best. Try to mount outside the window casings for maximum view and light. Half curtains can offer privacy and let in light from above and work particularly well on second and third floor spaces.

“Couple beings” are as unique and varied as human beings.

There will be those who are better at compromise and detente, those who are more enthusiastic and into the endeavor. The idea is to provide a framework of working together and an intentional process that you are both a part of. Make it fun and yours and if all else fails the right designer might be able to get you back on track.

Hopefully these suggestions will get your nesting mojo flowing and you both can have an amazing experience planning your space together. We would love to hear how things are going and wish the state of your union beauty and joy in creating your Love Nest.